About Us

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Our desire to create meaningful, effective skincare products merged with our Californian experience to create the emergence of C A L I  S K I N.



Well, hello there! I see you want to learn about Cali Skin. Let us tell you a bit more... 

In 2019, Nick and Mel Co-Founded Cali Skin. In 2020, Cali Skin finally went live. The journey to now, however, began in 2017...

The idea for Cali Skin started in 2017, when Nick and Mel both noticed the skincare market wasn't offering tailored skincare solutions to people with specific skin types.

Rather, products were generally emerging as a cookie-cutter solutions to all types of skin issues. Also, skincare has been culturally accepted to be suitable for either men or women...

We wanted to change that!



The Birth of Cali Skin

Our brand - Cali Skin - is based on our 2017 experience of California in the summer-time.

Our 2017 California journey began in Santa Monica, which led to the release of our first collection being named the "Santa Monica Edition".

The Santa Monica Edition appropriately marks the beginning of our skincare journey together. Future releases will be made under different Editions, providing different experiences...

While fixated on establishing a skincare brand, our shared experience of the Californian lifestyle definitely resonated with the experience we want to offer everyone - fun and relaxed - while providing high-quality, effective products for you to enjoy. 


About Our Products

Skincare demands respect in the market by manufacturers, retailers and all participants in between. After all, the only reason we're here is for you and your skin.

As a result, Nick and Mel decided to establish Cali Skin to provide tailored skincare solutions, using natural and environmentally-friendly ingredients. 

Our products are focused on skincare solutions for the face, and are tailored specifically to skin types that are oily/combination and dry/normal.

Our Hydrating Face Moisturiser, however, can be used by everyone - thanks to carefully selected, natural and skin-friendly ingredients.

We are also user-friendly for those with sensitive skin... again, thanks to our natural plant-based and mineral ingredients. 

We are also challenging the status quo by leading the claim that skincare products - at least ours - are suitable for both men and women. We are an inclusive brand and welcome everybody to improve their skin's health, regardless of gender. 


Our Commitment

In short, Cali Skin's goal is to cleanse, nourish and transform your skin. We truly want you to be comfortable in your natural skin and we will commit to doing our part, and hope you will give us a chance to improve your skin's health.


Let's be on a journey of continuous improvement together!


🌴     C A L I   S K I N     🌴